Donuts Saved My Life

I grew up in Brockton, a charming hamlet south of Boston.  You can read more about Brockton here:,_Massachusetts.  Growing up in the Boston area meant that for most of my childhood my diet consisted largely of corned beef, Miracle Whip, and donuts.  I didn’t consume a liquid other than Coca-cola (the real stuff, not the refined Diet variety) and an occasional glass of milk or orange juice until a fancy friend of mine in college introduced me to water.  This also meant that I spent a lot of my time (when I wasn’t actually working there) at Dunkin Donuts.  My best friend Pat and I would wax poetic about ourfabulousness and future fame over our Coffee Coolattas.  This was the Dunkin of yore, before the days of flavored Coolattas and egg white sandwiches.  In those days, a teenage girl could enjoy two chocolate frosted donuts in one sitting with nary a side-eye.  (For the record, my palate would later mature to prefer the more sophisticated jelly donut).


Here’s a picture of me and Pat. 

We were in drama club, natch, which meant that we were super cool and popular and not at all marginalized as nerdy outcasts.  With our hearts pumping that much more furiously to move the now trans-fat laden blood through our adolescent veins, we’d muse of the day we would move to California.  Like any young person from somewhere other than New York City, we viewed California as

the raddest, most tubular place on earth (that’s where tv was from!)  Little did we know that someday, we would be living our dream in the Golden State, each acting as the respective heads of major motion picture studios.  (Ok, not quite, but we do live in California, which, in itself, means we are the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Massachusetts’ South Shore).  In short, I provide this anecdote to explain the title of my blog, which launched today(!) and to introduce you to the type of content that may be found here.  I hope you’re one of those types that likes to support strangers in their fledgling dreams (I’m not) and re-visit the site soon.  I welcome your contribution to my media super-stardom.